Tuscan oil tasting

Join the festival in Montisi to celebrate the first olive oil of the season starting November 1st

Montisi, a small hamlet of San Giovanni d’Asso, will celebrate “Il primo olio ed altro ancora… “ (The first olive oil and more besides), an event now in its thirteenth year, scheduled to run from November 1st until November 4th. The spotlight over the weekend will be on oil, with tastings, guided tours of the oil mills, street shows in the village and traditional local meals prepared with the olio “novo” (“new” oil) in the local restaurants. But you will be able to discover also other beautiful products: pecorino cheese, Orcia DOC wine, the Champagne from Hautvillers, Grappa and chocolate.

Don’t miss the occasion to taste the first new oil in the heart of crete senesi, book your stay on www.chiantiferie.net and ask us for the complete program of the event

Tuscan oil tasting

Arts in Tuscany

Since 1998 “Memories of the Past” recalls each year arts, crafts, scenes of daily life from a bygone era (late ‘800, early ‘900) far from nowadays life! Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 September, artists, tradesmen, etc. storyteller. all in costumes will lead us in a ancient time through scenes of daily life, arts, crafts, dancing, singing, music and tastes of the time. Along the streets of the village will reopen workshops that will revive the crafts of that time while commoners, peasants and lords will recreate the colorful and noisy atmosphere of the holidays. Jugglers, musicians, artists of various kinds alive every corner of the village. Stalls taverns restaurants we delight of aromas and flavors that now belong only to the past! You can take part to this event booking your stay on www.chiantiferie.net

Arts in Tuscany

Eroica 2012

Other rhythms, silence, other times, other heroes will be staged on October 7 in Gaiole in Chianti. Champions on Sunday and ancient samples that slip away silently and excited for the white streets of Chianti and the Crete Senesi, dressed in a mesh with sponsors that tell an Italy lanona old, that of the 30s or the years of the legendary Bartali and Coppi or that the economic boom of the ’60s.
And ‘The Heroic, the first vintage randonnée on dirt roads. Full Path, 200 km of which more than 100 rides on gravel, yes, those songs popping another Paul, Paul Conte. They come from all over the world (California, Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Canada, etc.). To touch and breathe color and atmosphere “de l’époque” and this Tuscany Distilled in October.
If you have an old bike in the garage even 70s, an old car, a vintage motorcycle or simply if you like friendly people and the red wine, do not miss. There are also shorter routes, even a 38 km one!
The Indipendent has classified l’Eroica one of the 50 best bike rides in the world. You can also ride every day a small piece of the Eroica route tank to the permanent signs. Book your stay on www.chiantiferie.net, we will help you to programme your ride on the Eroica route and we will be able to find a vintage bike to rent.

Eroica 2012

Cathedral of Siena

Cathedral of Siena: the stunning floor uncovered
The magnificent Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral of Siena houses the heart of the art, history and tradition of this wonderful town. The entire complex contains some of the most important monuments of the European artistic panorama. The hub of the  complex is without doubt the Cathedral, with its more than one million visitors every year, but not to be forgotten are also the Crypt, the Baptistery and the Opera Museum.
Of the numerous masterpieces enclosed in the Cathedral of Siena, one of the most exceptional is certainly its floor. The undertaking of this inlaid marble mosaic work of art went on from the 14th to the 16th centuries and saw the contribution of about 40 artists, all important artists of Siena except for the Umbrian painter Bernardino di Betto, better known as Pinturicchio. Described by Giorgio Vasari as “the most beautiful … largest and most magnificent … that ever was made”, the floor consists of 56 panels in different sizes. Generally to preserve these treasures the floor is covered and only a few are on display. This year the whole floor will be uncovered from the 18th August to the 24th October.
Another good reason to book a holiday in Tuscany and visit Siena in the following months: the uncovering of this magnificent floor is certainly an opportunity not to be missed. Take a look at our selection of holiday accommodations around Siena on www.chiantiferie.net

Cathedral of Siena

Culinary vacation in tuscany

Every year on the third weekend of September (2012 september 13th-16th) the vintners of Panzano meet in the village square to show their wines, often pronounced as the best of the region. You have the chance to sample the different styles of wines, chat with the winemakers and listen to some great music!

The vintners of Panzano don’t just gather once a year to show their best wines to the public. They are also a close-knit group that unites to control quality production, promote organic & sustainable vineyard techniques and much more. There are several small booths snuggled around Panzano’s small main square. You buy one ticket allowing you to taste whatever you wish!

The estate owners are presenting their own wines and are on hand to tell you all about their products and as it’s their wine they each seem to have many cases on hand, ensuring there is no shortage…

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Culinary vacation in tuscany

Chianti Classico Wine Festival

A Fall Wine Festival In Greve in Chianti, Tuscany

This is the principal Chianti Classico wine festival. It’s held in the main square (triangle is a better description) of Greve in Chianti – Piazza Matteotti – about an hour south of Florence in the centre of the Chianti Classico wine zone. The large piazza is lined with stands belonging to various Chianti Classico wine producers, including many of the most important ones. By buying a glass and the ticket that comes with it, you’re entitled to taste all the wines you like at the booths around the square. The Chianti Classico Festival is normally held on second weekend of September and the preceding Friday (2012 September from 6th to 9th). It starts at about 10 am but warms up during the evening. There is additional entertainment from time to time throughout the day but wines are the central focus. Don’t miss the occasione to taste Chianti Classico together with the producers, book you stay in Chianti region on www.chiantiferie.net

Chianti Classico Wine Festival

Gluten free ice cream in Tuscany

It just isn’t summer and holiday without ice cream! At the end of a “hard” day visiting all tuscan beauties you only desire a good artisanal ice cream. We provide you a list of ice cream artisans that produce gluten free ice cream approved by the Italian Celiac Association.

GELATERIA CREMI’ – C.so Italia, 100 Arezzo

L’ANTICA DELIZIA – Via Fiorentina,4 Castellina in Chianti

CIOLLI – Via Ramazzini, 35/r Firenze

IL GIRASOLE – Via Aretina, 138/C r Firenze

ROBERTO – Via Mariti, 3/a Firenze

GELATERIA MALOTTI – Via di Novoli, 42/6 Firenze

DAMIANO – Via Burchiello, 20/r Firenze

BAR GELATERIA LA CASTIGLIA – Via della Riconoscenza,7 Monte San Savino

SNOOPY – Via Rosini, 20 Lucignano

GELATERIA BYBLOS – Via Roma,199-203 Monteroni d’Arbia

LA SORBETTIERA – P.zza Machiavelli, 14 Montespertoli e p.zza Tasso 11/r Firenze

DA I MORO – Via Empolese, 228 San Casciano Val di Pesa

I PINI – P.zza G. Matteotti, 7 San Casciano Val di Pesa

BAR COMBATTENTI GELATERIA – Via S. Giovanni, 124 San Gimignano

GROM – Via Banchi di Sopra 13 Siena e Via dell’Oche, 24/R Firenze

CARIBIA – Via Rinaldini, 13 Siena

IL CAMERLENGO – P.zza del Campo,6 Siena

Gluten free ice cream in Tuscany