Holiday in Chianti Classico

Chianti, as the gentle hills and valleys between Florence and Siena are called, produces some of the country’s best wines. The most well-known is Chianti Classico. It’a a land of rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards. Among them stand romanesque churches, known as Pievi, and the many castles of Florentine and Sienese warlords: one of the most beautiful scenery in the world, the cradle of one of the most celebrated wines, ideal for an holiday in Tuscany. But Chianti is not only beautiful wine and unforgettable scenaries, but also warm hospitality. Filippo and Giampaolo Stefanelli, fulfilling an old promise made to their grandfather, manage their Agriturismo with a clear and ambitious project in their mind: creating a farmhouse in Chianti that is able to to make the guests re-discover forgotten flavours and sounds, unimaginable landscapes and the colours of the Tuscan countryside that recognizes only who loves this territory as much as they do. The farm, located in the heart of Chianti, is mainly characterized by a small wine production of excellent quality. The Chianti Classico Spadaio e Piecorto 2008 has, in fact, received the coveted, but often only dreamed, 3 red galsses by Gambero Rosso in the “Italian Wines” guide. They don’t produce only wine but also a godd extravergin olive oil “Terre del Chianti Classico” DOP.

Respect and love and the patient waiting of the seasons is the recipe that Filippo and Giampaolo follow to produce their wine and olive oil. A feeling that shines through the welcoming to those who decide to spend their holiday at Agriturismo Piecorto,
a small village that has been built on he rests of an antique fortress of the Florentine Republic of the 12th century. It is situated on a flat crest that is crossed by an old Roman road.

To discover Agriturismo Piecorto and its beauties and to book you holiday in the heart of Chianti Classico you can visit

Holiday in Chianti Classico

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