Chianti Classico Wine Festival

A Fall Wine Festival In Greve in Chianti, Tuscany

This is the principal Chianti Classico wine festival. It’s held in the main square (triangle is a better description) of Greve in Chianti – Piazza Matteotti – about an hour south of Florence in the centre of the Chianti Classico wine zone. The large piazza is lined with stands belonging to various Chianti Classico wine producers, including many of the most important ones. By buying a glass and the ticket that comes with it, you’re entitled to taste all the wines you like at the booths around the square. The Chianti Classico Festival is normally held on second weekend of September and the preceding Friday (2012 September from 6th to 9th). It starts at about 10 am but warms up during the evening. There is additional entertainment from time to time throughout the day but wines are the central focus. Don’t miss the occasione to taste Chianti Classico together with the producers, book you stay in Chianti region on

Chianti Classico Wine Festival

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