Eroica 2012

Other rhythms, silence, other times, other heroes will be staged on October 7 in Gaiole in Chianti. Champions on Sunday and ancient samples that slip away silently and excited for the white streets of Chianti and the Crete Senesi, dressed in a mesh with sponsors that tell an Italy lanona old, that of the 30s or the years of the legendary Bartali and Coppi or that the economic boom of the ’60s.
And ‘The Heroic, the first vintage randonnée on dirt roads. Full Path, 200 km of which more than 100 rides on gravel, yes, those songs popping another Paul, Paul Conte. They come from all over the world (California, Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Canada, etc.). To touch and breathe color and atmosphere “de l’époque” and this Tuscany Distilled in October.
If you have an old bike in the garage even 70s, an old car, a vintage motorcycle or simply if you like friendly people and the red wine, do not miss. There are also shorter routes, even a 38 km one!
The Indipendent has classified l’Eroica one of the 50 best bike rides in the world. You can also ride every day a small piece of the Eroica route tank to the permanent signs. Book your stay on, we will help you to programme your ride on the Eroica route and we will be able to find a vintage bike to rent.

Eroica 2012

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